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Can Rabbits Change Gender? (Honest Answer)


It can be quite weird to know that various species can change their genders too. But as a rabbit parent, you can be stuck with gender change in rabbits. Well, it did stuck with me too initially, but I eventually got the answer. Let us come back to the question – can rabbits change gender?

Rabbits cannot change gender and sexual dysmorphism does not exist in rabbits. They live in the gender they are born in. A rabbit born as a female will live as a female and there is no change in it. Sexual change is not possible in this category of small animals. If you have brought in or adopted a male rabbit, then it will remain a male for the lifetime.

But what about determining the gender of a rabbit? Let us take a closer look at gender in rabbits.

Can rabbits be both genders?

Rabbits can belong to only one of the genders – male or female. There is no trans version in rabbits.


Perhaps, there are many misconceptions that rabbits can belong to both genders. This is absolutely false and medically not possible.

There are no medical procedures that can change the gender of your rabbit. There is also no way to determine the gender of your rabbit without a DNA test. The only way to be sure of your rabbit’s gender is to have a professional vet perform a physical exam.

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What is the gender change of rabbit?

A female rabbit is a doe and a male is a buck. A gender change is not possible in the lifetime of a rabbit.

The reproductive function of each animal plays a vital role in determining the gender.

What animal can change gender?

Eels, wrasses, and clownfish can change their genders. Perhaps, a large number of fish species have the potential to change sex and then produce offsprings.

Can male rabbits make babies?

Female rabbits are capable of reproducing babies, while male rabbits can mate with females to let them ovulate and reproduce.

In some animal species, male rabbits can produce babies or change their genders to produce offsprings. However, this option is ruled out in rabbits.

Do male and female rabbits look different?

There are no physiological differences between male and female rabbits, but their behaviors can potentially change due to hormonal differences.

Male rabbits tend to be more territorial and can become aggressive if they feel their territory is being threatened. Female rabbits are often more passive but can also become aggressive if they feel threatened or if their litter is in danger. However, these behaviors are not exclusive to either gender, and any rabbit can exhibit either type of behavior depending on the situation.

When it comes to appearance, the only way to tell a male and female rabbit apart is by looking at their genitalia. Male rabbits have a penis and scrotum, while female rabbits have a vulva. However, it is generally not recommended to handle a rabbit’s genitalia unless it is absolutely necessary, as this can be very stressful for the animal.

Are rabbits hermaphrodites?

Rabbits are not hermaphrodites, and they cannot develop sex organs of both genders. Fishes and other invertebrates are hermaphrodites. These animals have both male and female reproductive organs at the same time. Hermaphrodites can mate with any other member of their species, regardless of gender.

Rabbits tend to be either male or female, and they have separate sex organs for each gender.

Sexual dimorphism in rabbits

Sexual dimorphism does not exist in rabbits while it is common in several fish species. They have fixed reproductive organs for their lifetime.

Rabbits are polygynous animals with no pair bonds, which means that males and females mate with several different partners during their lifetime. This promiscuous mating system is thought to have led to the lack of sexual dimorphism in rabbits. In contrast, fish display a wide range of sexual dimorphism, from very slight differences between the sexes to complete reversal of sexual roles.

How to determine the sex of the rabbits?

There are a few ways that you can tell the sex of a rabbit. One way is to look at the shape of their genital opening. Males will have a circular opening, while females will have a slit-like opening. Another way is to look at their behavior. Males will often mount other rabbits, while females will usually not do this.

If you are planning to determine the gender by yourself, here’s the procedure to follow:

  • Hold the rabbit with the back leaning on your lap and face facing upwards.
  • As you gently rub the region below the abdomen, you can notice a scrotum if it’s a male and a slit-like opening if it is a female.

It can be a tough task to brush the genitals if your rabbit is either plump or has a lot of furs. It is highly recommended to do it only with a vet’s presence.

Another way to find out is to look for the presence of milk (if lactating) in the nipples. If it is a female, you can observe milk in the nipples. Do not mistake this for urine, as urine also comes out from the urethral opening which is close to the genital opening.

So, these were a few ways you can tell the sex of a rabbit. Be very careful while handling them as they are delicate creatures.

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How to determine the sex of baby rabbits?

Determining the sex of baby rabbits is possible but complex as their genitals are tiny. Rubbing around the genital can let you find a scrotum (male) or slit-like opening (female).

It takes time for rabbits to mature sexually (roughly 14 weeks). So, if you are not sure about the sex of your rabbits, wait until they are old enough.

Here are some other ways to tell the difference:

  • Male rabbits tend to be larger than female rabbits.
  • Male rabbits have a large space between their anus and testicles, while female rabbits have a smaller space.
  • If you look at a rabbit from behind, you will see that male rabbits have a large, rounded bulge at the base of their tail, while female rabbits have a smaller, more pointed bulge.

If you are still unsure about the sex of your rabbit, you can take him to a veterinarian or animal shelter for help.

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Final Thoughts

Reproductive organs of rabbits are extremely delicate. When you have queries about gender or problems in your rabbit’s reproductive system, remember to discuss them with your vet.

I would not recommend taking even the slightest risk in getting something clarified about your rabbit.

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