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Can Rabbits Die Of Fright? (Is It True?)


I have been with rabbits for more than a decade. From my experience, I’d call them one of the creatures that can get scared too quickly. There are times when they get instantly scared. If you raise bunnies, you should know what can happen as a result of fear among rabbits.

Can rabbits die of fright? Rabbits can die of fright due to predators, unfamiliar sounds, and loud noises. They are delicate creatures that cannot withstand sudden shock caused by noises or predators. Some rabbits will display signs of fright before dying, such as shaking, trembling, and rapid breathing. Others may die without any warning signs.

The fear of a rabbit has limited sources to cause it. In this article, I will explain to you the common causes, effects, and solutions to handle when your rabbit is frightened.

What frightens a rabbit?

The movement of predators – including cats, dogs, hawks, and even snakes – can frighten a rabbit. So can loud noises or sudden changes in the environment, like a construction site near their home. If a rabbit feels trapped or cornered, he may also become frightened. Sudden sounds of unfamiliar people or things can startle a rabbit and cause him to run.

According to Jaw Dropping Facts, when people (especially kids) scare rabbits, they can get extremely scared.

If you want to keep your rabbit as a pet, it’s important to help him feel secure in his environment and not put him in situations that may scare him.

How to prevent rabbits from dying of fright?

There are a number of things that you can do to help prevent your rabbits from dying of fright.

  1. Safe place to hide
protect rabbit from fright

One of the most important things is to make sure that they have a safe place to hide if they feel scared or threatened. You can provide them with a hiding box or create a makeshift fort out of blankets and pillows for them to hide in.

2. Calm environment

It’s also important to keep your home quiet and calm so that your rabbits don’t feel stressed out. You can try to avoid playing loud music or having loud conversations around them and make sure that all of their needs (food, water, hay, etc.) are taken care of so that they don’t have to worry about anything else.

3. Hold the rabbit gently

Do not hold your rabbit tightly when they are scared as that can lead to suffocation. Alternatively, allow them to find a place to hide and secure them. This will give them the freedom to explore the place and feel convenient. However, you can pat the rabbit at tough times.

Lennon The Rabbit has a wonderful YouTube video on how to pick up and hold a rabbit properly.

4. Never trap

Do not trap them within a crate. That’s the worst thing you are doing to your rabbit. Especially when it is a celebration time outside involving fireworks, you need to let them free.

5. Access to treats

Give them easy access to treats so they get diverted and feel comfortable at that point. This is a way to avoid fright caused by the internal environment.

6. Keep an eye

Lastly, it’s important to keep an eye on them and make sure that they’re not acting scared or agitated for no reason. If you see that your rabbit is acting strange, try to comfort them and figure out what’s wrong.

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What can kill a rabbit suddenly?

Rabbit predators, rough weather, loud noises, sharp objects, poor diet, and fly strike are common factors that can kill a rabbit suddenly.

  • Rabbit predators – snakes, birds of prey, fox, cat, dog, racoons, wolves, and weasels.
  • Sudden exposure to rough weather conditions – like a cold rain or snowstorm – can kill a rabbit suddenly.
  • Fly strike – an infestation of fly larvae – is another common cause of death in rabbits.
  • Loud noises – Also, if a rabbit is not used to being around people, it may be scared by something like a loud noise and die from a heart attack.
  • Poor diet – Eating the wrong things can also cause sudden death in rabbits. For instance, if they eat poisonous plants or unripe fruit, it can kill them.
  • Exposure to a sharp object – This can either poke their throat or interrupt the digestive system.

How easy is it to scare a bunny to death?

All it takes is 1-4 hours to scare a bunny to death. While they get scared and suffer from a heart attack during extreme scenarios, it can take an hour to die.

Rabbits tend to cope with the situation but fail miserably in certain instances. As a pet owner, you should always stay careful not to leave your bunny scared at any moment.

What do rabbits do when scared?

Rabbits can develop aggression, self-harm, freeze, and also avoid movements when they are scared. This can damage their coordination levels.

When rabbits are scared, they develop aggression and restrict movements as much as possible. There is an abnormality in their food patterns and unusual dropping levels at random places.

When rabbits are scared they can either freeze or run away. If they freeze, they will try to make themselves as small as possible and hope the predator doesn’t see them. If they run away, they will usually try to find a place to hide.

Due to their reduced movements, they might also get injured. Their bodies are tense and they make sounds like loud thumping or squealing. If you see any of these behaviors in your pet rabbit, it is best to take them to a vet as soon as possible.

Do rabbits go into shock?

Rabbits go into extreme shock when they remain vulnerable to loud noises or approached by predators or unknown people. Sepsis or shock can result in heart attacks and they tend to flop their bodies. The outcome is usually death.

There are, however, ways to prevent your bunny from going into shock. Make sure they have a calm and stress-free environment and avoid loud noises. When you are handling them, make sure to be gentle and avoid sudden movements. 

Secure them and keep them away from predators. That is a great way to eliminate the likelihood of a predator shock. If you see that your bunny is in shock, bring it to a veterinarian immediately. With the right care, some rabbits can make a full recovery.

Rabbits are prey animals and as such, they are very susceptible to shock.

You should also check if they are being bitten by other insects like ants as this can leave them in shock.

Here is an article answering the question – Do ants harm rabbits?

How to calm a scared rabbit?

If your rabbit is scared for some reason, here are some ways to calm them. In fact, a YouTube video from The Bunny Lady also recommends these steps.

  1. Give sometime
  2. Release them from the hutch
  3. Get him indoors
  4. Give him warmth
  5. Pet the rabbit till his heartbeats are normal
  6. Talk to him
  7. Distract him with a treat

Rabbits are prey animals so it is natural for them to be scared at times. The key to calming a scared rabbit is patience and understanding.

How to protect rabbits from predators?

If you are in a place that is vulnerable to predators, you need to hurry up and protect rabbits from predators.

Predator-proof hutch

The best way to protect rabbits from predators is to create a hutch that is secluded with wood to hide and is of the dimension – 6ftx4ftx6ft. Give it a complete enclosure with little to no access for external predators to find out the existence of a rabbit in it.

If you would like to do it yourself, there is still a great video that takes you step by step. Perhaps, the resulting hutch can get you craving as well.

Predator repelling objects to be left outside

When you are raising rabbits, you should also ensure that none of their eatables or materials, or accessories are left outside. If they are left outdoors, it can let predators sniff and suspect the presence of a rabbit. In turn, your rabbit becomes vulnerable as prey.

Strong supervision

We strictly recommend having rabbits indoors and letting them outdoors only under your supervision. This is a good routine for you and your rabbits.

Sometimes, leaving outdoors can also promote rabbits to munch on something unhealthy like succulents.

Here’s a related article – can bunnies eat succulents?

Division between multiple animals as pets

Even though you raise predators (dogs/cats) and prey (rabbits) at the same spot, we recommend you avoid them knowing each other as long as they are not raised together.

In this case, giving them separate territories is ideal as they do not have to look out for more space or access to people. Give them equal attention but supervise every movement of the predator and the prey.


Can a fox scare a rabbit to death?

Fox can easily scare a rabbit with his movements and sniffing which can increase heartbeats and develop panic attacks. This is common if your pet rabbit is let outdoors.

While this is not going to literally “scare the rabbit to death”, it could easily cause a heart attack that would ultimately kill the rabbit.

Why is my rabbit shaking and breathing fast?

Your rabbit is forecasting something peculiar like a predator or a stranger that is leaving him shook and increasing his heartbeats.

The Rabbit Haven has listed “breathing fast” as one of the emergency situations when you need to intervene and handle the rabbit.

Can a rabbit die of a broken heart?

Rabbits can die of a broken heart when they are petted for long and are abandoned by their owners or the companion has passed away.

The common reasons for the heartbroken condition of your rabbit are –

  • Abandoned/neglected by owners
  • The loss of a companion
  • Not enough socialization
  • Lack of attention

Rabbits are social animals and they need companionship to be content. When they are suddenly left alone, it can cause them great distress which manifests in physical symptoms such as anorexia, lethargy, teeth grinding, excessive grooming, and even death.

My rabbit screamed then died

Your rabbit has screamed out of fear and died out of stress, heart attack, or pain. Sometimes, internal pain can also ruin the health of the rabbit.

As a bunny owner, supervise your rabbit’s activities and carry out a monthly health check to rule out gastrointestinal stasis, parasite, and bacterial infections. These are the most common health issues that can affect rabbits. Some symptoms to look out for include changes in eating habits, diarrhea, weight loss, and a decrease in his activity.

My rabbit died stretched out

If your rabbit has died stretched out, it is quite normal and you do not have to worry about it.

This happens with a lot of rabbits and it is not something to be concerned about. They often die in this position because it is the most comfortable one for them. As long as your rabbit was healthy before it died, there is no need to worry. You can remember your rabbit fondly by keeping its memory alive by telling stories about it to your friends and family.

My rabbit died with eyes open

It is common for rabbits to die with their eyes open but if you are skeptical about the reason, you should check their past health conditions and speak to your vet.

Look out for discharge from the eyes, anus, and any other parts. In case of discharge, it could imply ingestion of something poisonous. If you see blood from the anus, it can indicate toxins being released from the body.

Check if they have eaten something like baking soda that landed in severe poisoning. Here’s an article – does baking soda kill rabbits?

Final Thoughts

Rabbits are calm, delicate creatures that get easily scared to death. As they can overload you with love, remember to give them a great environment.

Hold them gently and also give them access to a predator-proof hutch. Keeping an eye on the little one can improve the lifespan.

Sowmya Sankaran
Sowmya Sankaran
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