Do Parakeets Like To Be Held? (The Perfect Way To Cuddle!)

do parakeets like to be held

New to parakeets? Before you show love to them, remember to understand what they need and prefer. If you are thinking about holding parakeets like a baby, you need to go through this article.

Do parakeets like to be held? Most parakeets enjoy being held as they are human-friendly and crave attention. Some timid-natured parakeets might not like being held but can be trained over time.

Does that mean you can only hold them and not cuddle? Well, I will be explaining further what parakeets encourage from their owners (based on my experiences and vet’s advice).

Do parakeets like to be cuddled?

Parakeets are tiny birds that like to cuddle with humans they know and trust. Perhaps, you shouldn’t squeeze them in the name of cuddling and you need to begin with socializing first.


It will take time for your parakeet to get used to you. Gaining their trust is the key to having a cuddly relationship with your parakeet.

If your parakeet isn’t used to being held, start slowly by offering it perches and treats while you’re holding it. With time and patience, your parakeet should learn to enjoy being held and cuddled.

Here are some more tips on how to socialize your parakeet:

  • Start by spending time near their cage so they can get used to your presence.
  • Talk to them in a soft, calming voice.
  • Offer them treats from your fingers.
  • Once they seem comfortable with you, try gently petting them on the head.
  • When they begin to trust you, they will allow you to hold them and cuddle with them.

Do parakeets get attached?

Pet parakeets get attached to humans with regular petting and socializing activities. As they live in flocks, they also enjoy the company of others and quickly get attached.

If you have ever owned a parakeet, you know how quickly they can become part of the family. It is not uncommon for people to get attached to their parakeets and consider them part of the family.

If you have recently got a parakeet, the attachment can take a bit of time. It is best to give them time and space to get used to you before you start handling them.

If you spend enough time with your parakeet, they will eventually become attached to you. The attachment process can take weeks or even months, depending on the bird.

Once they are attached, they will enjoy your company and will want to be around you as much as possible. If you are not around, they may become anxious and stressed.

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Do parakeets let you hold them?

Hand-trained parakeets like to be held and feel comfortable. Ensure you hold them outside the cage, though, so they have a sense of security. Some parakeets will also feel more comfortable if you put a hand inside the cage to let them climb on your finger before taking them out.

Do parakeets let you hold them

Do not hold them too tightly, as this will make them feel claustrophobic and stressed. Instead, hold them gently but firmly around their torso, using your other hand to support their bottom. If they start to squirm, let them go back into their cage.

If you’re not sure whether your parakeet likes to be held, start by offering your finger inside the cage for them to climb on. If they seem interested, try taking them out for a short while. If they start to squirm or seem uncomfortable, put them back in their cage and try again another day. With patience and time, most parakeets will learn to enjoy being held.

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How do you bond with a parakeet?

  • Give enough time for parakeets to understand you.
  • Talk to them in a soft voice.
  • Offer them treats, and let them perch on your finger.
  • Expose them to other parakeets/budgies.
  • Socialize with the bird regularly.
  • Make sure the bird has a comfortable cage.
  • Be patient with the bird.
  • Play regularly with your bird.

I have tried these methods for over a month and I should admit that these have worked very well.

How do you get a parakeet to like you?

Spend time with the parakeet regularly

Talk to the bird, offer it treats by hand, and let it perch on your finger. Try not to startle the bird, and be patient as you develop a relationship.

Offer treats to your parakeet

Get the bird used to your presence by offering it small treats, like bits of fruit or millet. Hold the treat close to the parakeet’s cage, and let it come to you when it feels comfortable.

Talk to your parakeet

Parakeets are social creatures, and they enjoy hearing their human voices. Talk to the bird in a soft, gentle voice, and see if it responds.

Let the parakeet perch on your finger

Once the bird feels comfortable with you, it may be willing to perch on your finger. Offer your finger to the parakeet slowly, and let it climb aboard when it’s ready.

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Be patient

It may take some time for your parakeet to get used to you. Be patient, and keep up with the regular visits, treats, and conversations. In time, your parakeet should start to enjoy your company.

How do you know if your parakeet likes you?

There are a few things to look for when trying to gauge whether or not your parakeet likes you.

One is whether or not they frequently come to perch on you or near you; if they do, it’s a good sign that they’re seeking your company and enjoy your presence.

Another is whether they mimic your actions and sounds; this is often a sign that they’re trying to bond with you and build a connection.

Finally, watch for signs of affection, such as preening your hair or clothing, as this indicates that they view you as a trusted friend.

If you see any combination of these behaviors, it’s likely that your parakeet likes and trusts you.

Why doesn’t my parakeet like to cuddle?

A parakeet that is new to the environment, things, and people around might not prefer being cuddled. Alternatively, it could also mean discomfort or unhappiness due to varied reasons.

There could be a few reasons why your parakeet doesn’t seem to enjoy being cuddled.

It could be that your bird is not used to being handled, and is therefore uncomfortable with being held close.

Alternatively, your parakeet may simply prefer not to be cuddled and would rather perch on your shoulder or explore its surroundings.

If you’re not sure why your parakeet doesn’t seem to enjoy being cuddled, try spending some time bonding with your bird and see if it becomes more comfortable over time.

Why does my parakeet fluff up when I talk to him?

When your parakeet fluffs up when you talk to him, it could be a sign of affection, excitement, or even fear.


There could be a few reasons why your parakeet fluffs up when you talk to him.

If you notice that your parakeet only fluffs up when you talk to him, and not when other people are around, it is likely a sign of affection.

Parakeets are social creatures and love to interact with their owners. If you think your parakeet is trying to show you how much he loves you, try talking back to him in a soft, soothing voice.

If your parakeet fluffs up when there is a lot of noise or activity going on around him, it is likely a sign of excitement. Parakeets are very curious creatures and love to explore their surroundings.

If your parakeet is fluffing up because he is excited about something going on around him, try to provide him with some toys or activities that will help keep him occupied.

If your parakeet fluffs up when you approach him, it could be a sign of fear. Parakeets are very sensitive creatures and can pick up on the slightest changes in their environment.

If your parakeet is afraid of you, it is important to try to make him feel more comfortable around you. Talk to him in a soft voice, and offer him treats that he enjoys. With time and patience, your parakeet should start to feel more comfortable around you.

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Do budgies like to be cuddled?

No, budgies generally don’t like to be cuddled. They are very social creatures and love to interact with their owners, but they prefer to do so on their own terms. If you try to force a budgie into a cuddle, it is likely to become stressed and may even bite.

Do budgies like to be sprayed with water?

It’s a good idea to spray your budgie with water regularly, as they enjoy the feeling of being wet and it can help keep their feathers clean and healthy. Just be sure not to use water that is too cold or too hot, and avoid spraying water directly into their eyes or nose.

Do parakeets like music?

In general, parakeets like warm, soft beat music that do not harm their ears. If the sound is new to them, parakeets take time to like/dislike it.

Different parakeets may enjoy different types of music. However, many bird owners report that their parakeets seem to enjoy listening to classical music, and some even appear to dance along with the rhythms. If you’re hoping to provide your parakeet with some musical enrichment, it’s definitely worth giving classical music a try!

One study found that parakeets preferred melodies that were simple and easy to follow, with a moderate tempo and consistent pitch. The birds also seemed to enjoy music with a lot of variety (including changes in dynamics, timbre, and rhythm), as well as pieces that had a clear beginning and end. So, if you’re looking for music to please your parakeet, it’s worth considering these factors.

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Of course, ultimately the best way to figure out what kind of music your parakeet likes is simply to experiment. Pay attention to your bird’s behavior when different types of music are playing, and you’ll quickly get a sense of what he or she enjoys.

Do parakeets like to be covered at night?

Parakeets want that “privacy” time and enjoy being covered for a specific period. This protects them from light and noise. But, stick to a specific time and do it regularly.

Parakeets also like to have their own space in the cage. If you put a birdhouse or some sort of “hidey hole” in their cage, they will usually appreciate it and use it regularly.

Do budgies like being in a cage?

Budgies like being in a cage during “me” time but not always. They enjoy roaming and flying out. So, having an outdoor aviary or birdhouse is best.

outdoor birdhouse

If you must keep your budgie indoors, make sure the cage is big enough for him to move around and spread his wings. There should also be plenty of toys and perches for him to play with and rest on.

Do budgies like to be kissed?

Budgies like to be kissed by a known person. However, they will not appreciate being kissed by a stranger.

If you are going to kiss your budgie, make sure that you do it gently and with love. Your budgie will definitely return the affection!

Do blue parakeets like to be held?

Blue parakeets are social creatures that enjoy interacting with their human companions and don’t mind being held or petted, as long as they are comfortable with the person doing so.

If you’re unsure about whether or not your blue parakeet would like to be held, it’s always best to start slow and see how they react. Gently place your hand in their cage and see if they approach you or seem interested in being petted. If they seem nervous or scared, back off and give them some time.

Do fancy parakeets like to be held?

Fancy parakeets like to be held by their owners after gaining trust in them.

Parakeets are basically timid and might take time to get used to a new person or an environment.

Do green parakeets like to be held?

Green parakeets enjoy their times with humans and like to be held/petted for long time.

Do parakeets like to be out of their cage?

Wild parakeets prefer staying out all the time while domestic parakeets need a resting place, in addition to an open environment so they can rest when required.

A birdhouse could be a good idea. Some people prefer leaving parakeets within bigger birdhouses too.

Do parakeets like being in their cage?

Parakeets like being in their cages during sleeping hours. Otherwise, they prefer exploring surroundings. Long hours within the cage can stress them out.


When you are getting parakeets or budgies home, remember to give them the right space and environment.

You can hold them and also cuddle but it takes time for them to gain trust in you. Be patient! It is definitely worth the wait.

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