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Do Lionhead Rabbits Like To Play (How Long? With What?)


Most pet parents wanting to own rabbits might have already known that they’re cute and playful. But, that can’t be generalized, right? I know! I’ve been there, and I used to search myself for how friendly a rabbit breed is. If you’re looking to get home a lionhead rabbit, it’s time to know if this breed of rabbit likes to play. Isn’t it? Here you go!

Lionhead rabbits are usually very playful creatures with a curiosity to explore different objects, jump around, and play with their toys. They also enjoy digging, hide and seek, and even cuddling with their humans. Providing your lionhead rabbit with plenty of enrichment activities can help stimulate its mind and keep it entertained for hours.

If you’re a beginner, it’s difficult to know everything prior. That’s why I’ve decided to draft this article to help you crack it better. Should you read it? Here’s what I’m covering in this article:

  • How to play with a lionhead rabbit?
  • Environments that a lionhead rabbit likes to play
  • Safe and unsafe toys for a rabbit
Do lionhead rabbits like to play
Do lionhead rabbits like to play

How To Play With A Lionhead Rabbit?

Playing with a Lionhead rabbit is a lot of fun! The best approach to playing with your fuzzy friend is to start off slowly, and let them get used to your presence. You can also include fetch games, simple movement tricks, and runways in their setup.

Can you believe me if I tell you that my rabbit enjoys playing hide and seek?

Make sure that they have plenty of time outside of their cage in a safe, bunny-proofed space where they can explore new sights, sounds, and smells.

Keep any playtime activities easy – gentle petting and brushing are usually much appreciated, but be careful never to force them or begin aggressive games like wrestling. This is important, or you’re going to mess up with their temperament.

Offering your rabbit treats can go a long way in building trust and beginning the bonding process. Just keep in mind that too many treats may lead to a weight problem, so practice moderation!

They would love you more for the sake of treats. It’s time to take advantage! 🙂

What Kind Of Toys Do Lionhead Rabbits Like?

Generally, many enjoy items that they can chew, such as natural materials like willow tree branches. They also love being able to explore tunnels and boxes; kittens’ empty cardboard tubes make great hiding places for them! Furthermore, rattles, chimes, and wind-up clocks can provide plenty of entertainment for these curious critters.

Are you thinking of heading to a pet accessories store to buy some toys for them?

Balls for rabbits
Balls for rabbits (Source: Amazon)

When selecting toys for your lionhead rabbit, choose items that are appropriate for its age and size. Make sure the toy is safe and durable so your furry friend can’t chew off pieces and swallow them. Providing fun and engaging activities for your lionhead rabbit is a great way to keep him/her healthy, mentally stimulated, and entertained! No aggression going forward!

How Often Should You Play with Your Lionhead Bunny?

Daily. It’s an important part of keeping them healthy, both physically and mentally. Not only will playtime bring your little furry friend joy, but it also gives them a chance to get some exercise in.

In fact, I’ve seen how this has created a happy environment for my bunnies to live longer!

While it’s not necessary for lionhead bunnies to have toys specifically designed for them, providing plenty of places for them to explore and hide will help keep their curiosity and zest for life going strong. RSPCA also vouches for this point. So don’t forget – find a way to play with your precious lionhead bunny each day!

Do Rabbits Like To Play With Humans?

Rabbits can get excited to play with their human companions. Although they may not be as playful as a puppy, a rabbit’s idea of fun may include chasing around a toy or two and receiving plenty of snuggles.

In the past decade of raising rabbits of various breeds, I’ve understood that they’re cuddly and love the presence of humans at all times. Lionhead rabbits aren’t exceptions.

Here’s a beautiful compilation of rabbits playing with their owners:

Rabbits form tight bonds with their owners, which makes them more willing to participate in playtime activities. There’s a lot to gain from playing with your pet rabbit — it stimulates mental and physical well-being and creates an opportunity for bonding (which has been known to help reduce anxiety levels for some rabbits!).

Do Lionhead Rabbits Like to Play in Water?

As cute as they may seem, lionhead rabbits aren’t the biggest fans of getting wet! Due to their heavy fur, these bunnies are prone to drying difficulties and can even go into shock when submerged in water – so it’s best not to try forcing them for a swim.

Playful as other breeds may be, you’ll have better luck keeping your little lionheads far away from any kind of H20-related fun.

Do Lionhead Bunnies Like to Play with a Ball?

Lionhead bunnies are surprisingly playful! They enjoy tossing straw or hay balls around the house, and can even be trained to do fetch with plastic or rubber toys – if they get bored of rolling them around.

The best part? As long as these items don’t exceed their size in diameter, your bunny will have hours of fun playing games like this!

So, stay careful when you choose the size of the ball. Otherwise, it can scare them always!

What Are Some Safe and Unsafe Toys for Lionhead Rabbits?

As a pet parent, it’s critical to know the ideal type of toy to give your lionhead rabbit. Otherwise, you’re going to be in trouble.

Chew toys for lionhead rabbits
Chew toys for lionhead rabbits

Based on my experiences and suggestions from various sources, I’ve curated a list of safe and unsafe toys for lionhead rabbits. Refer to this list when you head on to the purchase of any of them.

Safe Toys For Lionhead RabbitsUnsafe Toys For Lionhead Rabbits
Chew toys made from wood or natural fibers
Tunnels for hide and seek
Cardboard boxes
Ramps for hopping and jumping
Hanging wooden toys
Stuffed cotton animals
Handmade wooden blocks
Paper towel
Whisk brooms
Straw basket
PVC tubes
Baby toys
Shallow sand boxes
Metal toys
Chewable toys
Items with sharp edges
Toys made of plastic or Teflon
Long cords
Electric wires
Treated wood

Additionally, avoid leaving clutter or other household items lying around that your rabbit might accidentally chew on.

So, that’s it! Get ready to play with your little one!

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