Who is behind Petsmond?

Hey fur parent,

My name is Sowmya Sankaran. It has been a dream for me to share my experiences with animals and birds that I have rescued and rehabilitated in the last few decades.

It all started with adopting one rabbit and the experience changed my life and the perspective that I had on fur babies.

Winky and I

He was a life-changer to me and I learned the ABCs of rabbits with him. As time passed, I also began petting other species. Here you go with other pictures!

Special Pic With Twins

Well, he was one of the fur babies that I have been feeding and he breath his last recently.

Little Squirrel

Can squirrels love humans? Do they really know to display affection? This little baby was a testimony to it. He was picked up from the street as he remained unconscious for a long time. That was my first squirrel rescue.

He was not just cooperative but held that tiny paw and caught hold of my finger in a jiffy. That was like a bond to happen forever.

Bubu and I

I cannot miss talking about this little guinea pig who taught me so much to fight hard and be prepared for the unexpected.

Ninja and I

Are turtles really slow? Are turtles inappropriate to home? Well, you should go through this blog to know the reality of turtles.

Having been with animals and birds for quite a long time, I also happened to hold a World Record for writing an impromptu book about animals.

Proud World Record Holder

From being that timid girl who is scared of fur babies to someone who can lead the life just for these babies, so much has happened in the middle.

My experiences = PETSMOND