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Can A Rabbit Wear Diapers? (Truth Revealed!)


A few weeks ago, my friend had to travel with her bunny to another place. Similar to humans, she asked if rabbits can wear diapers and clothes. I had similar doubts too when I was initially raising bunnies but ever since I knew the answer, I have always helped fellow rabbit owners like you to do things rightly.

So, can a rabbit wear diapers? Rabbits can wear diapers for no more than 20 minutes as it can panic them and turn inconvenient. Your rabbit can wear diapers when you are going on a short ride or at a meeting where you can’t leave her at home.

Is it okay for rabbits to wear diapers?

There is always a heated debate for and against rabbits wearing diapers. While rabbits can wear diapers, they are not advisable for long times.

When do rabbits need diapers?

Rabbits who are spayed or neutered and live in clean homes with little opportunity to chew and urinate outside of their litter box may sometimes need diapers.  However, most bunnies hate diapers and will try to remove them.  They usually become so stressed out wearing diapers that the diapers actually compound the problem they were meant to solve.

If you are traveling with your rabbit in a car, you may need a diaper to ensure that he/she doesn’t pee or poop inside the car. The best alternative is to carry a litter box instead of a diaper in those cases.

Differently-abled rabbits might need diapers to manage their pee routines. But, you can alternatively leave them on cloth beds as diapers can cause rashes at times.

You can see how there are pros and cons to wearing diapers. A popular manufacturer of diapers, Bunny Diapers, recommends diapers especially when there are medical conditions or during travel.

Is it dangerous for rabbits to wear diapers?

Wearing a diaper can be a new experience for your rabbit affecting mentally and physically. You should closely observe the behavior of your rabbit after letting him wear it a couple of times. Ignore the idea if he feels uncomfortable.

Do’s and don’ts of bunny diapers

1. Go with cotton

If diapers are required, soft material like cotton works best as it is easiest for bunny’s paws to grip and pull up (this will never be as good as claws, but often better than slick materials).  The diaper should fit high on the belly (after all, it is not a baby human) and needs to be attached in the back with two tabs.  

Note. Do not use diapers/pants that have elastic around the waist because this will create a “tourniquet” which can cut off circulation when left on for too long.

2. Always supervise them

A bunny in diapers needs to be supervised at all times since diapers are dangerous if they fall off or if they are chewed off by the bunny.  

Bunnies wearing diapers should never, ever be housed with other rabbits as they could easily chew through their neighbor’s diaper and cause serious damage in the process!  

This is also true if you have cats or dogs in your home – diapers mean that there is no way of knowing when your pet has an accident so it is best to only use diapers when you are actually able to give your bunny your full attention.

3. Use diaper for behavior modification of rabbits

If diapers become necessary, the very best way to address the issue is through behavior modification therapy.  Bunny diapers can be used during times of stress (e.g., while traveling or during veterinary visits) until the bunny has received proper behavioral modification therapy and is no longer wetting in stressful situations.

If you see negative behaviors, you need to address it immediately. Here is an exclusive article on – Do rabbits blink their eyes?

4. Use it for rabbits with a wet tail

Petsial recommends wearing diapers for rabbits that soak their tails in urine. Diapers can avoid burns, infections, and inflammation. Most importantly, it cleans up the scent gland.

5. Do not use diapers to clean scent glands

Just because your rabbit is peeing or having a strange odor from the urinary part, don’t use a diaper. You need a diaper only for a temporary event.

In the case of an odor from the scent gland, you should read the article here – Why does my rabbit smell like onions?

6. Know how to use it

If you are new to the concept of diapers for rabbits, you should watch the video below to understand how to make your bunny wear it properly.


How to make diapers for rabbits?

If you have made up your mind to use a diaper or at least keep it in stock for your rabbit, you can make it at home.

Making diapers for rabbits is easy! The process is very similar to making diapers for human babies, but with a few differences. Read on to learn how to make diapers for your small pet rabbit.

Step 1.

Prepare the diaper templates according to the structure below (or you can use your own pattern), cutting two pieces of liner fabric together along one edge so they are twice as wide as you would like the finished product to be.

how to make bunny diapers
Credits – Bunny Diapers

For example, if you want diapers that are about 4 inches square when finished, cut 2 liners that are 8 inches square by folding them in half and marking with a pen or pencil around all four edges an inch from each side.

Step 2.

Next, sew all four sides of the liners together with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, leaving the top open.

Step 3.

When finished, turn the liner inside out and fold down one side about an inch, then fold in half again another few inches and sew in place using a small running stitch. Now you have a narrow band that can be used to pull diapers up nice and snug!

Step 4.

Next, cut two pieces of absorbent fabric according to your pattern or desired size. Hem all four edges by folding them over about 1/4″ and sewing along each edge with a zigzag stitch. Be sure to use cotton thread so diapers will be softer on bunnies’ behinds!

If you have heavy-duty sewing machine needles that are meant for multiple layers of thick fabrics, now is the time to use them.

For an angora rabbit, the size is totally different. Read the article here on their space needs – how much space do angora rabbits need?

Step 5.

Lastly, pull a liner through a band and then sew one end of the band together with a running stitch. Now you have a diaper!

This is what it is going to look like!

best rabbit diapers
Source – Pinterest

Can bunnies wear clothes?

Bunnies can wear clothes for a short time but ensure that the material has properties like cotton to give them the warmth needed.

It is common for us to celebrate occasions by buying new clothes for the family including rabbits at home. If you certainly want your rabbits to wear clothes, you should ensure that it is soft and stitched appropriately.

As a rabbit owner, I would not recommend clothes or diapers for more than 10 minutes since it can affect bunnies mentally and physically. Neither clothes nor their diapers fall under essentials.

Rethink and decide if your bunny certainly needs a cloth!

The fluffy animals can be trained to wear diapers and clothing so you could put them in certain outfits when going out or strutting around your house. If you have young children, it is also a way to bond with them and teach them about responsibility.

You should not leave bunnies unattended while they are wearing diapers and clothes because accidents happen and the bunny will need help getting rid of their waste without making too big of a mess everywhere else – unless this is what you want!

If you want your rabbit to wear clothes for winter, then it is a good idea but not that great since a blanket or a towel can do the job of a cloth.

Still want to give it a try? Here is a video you should take a look at to make winter clothes for rabbits.

You should use customized diapers for very small breeds like Netherland Dwarfs and Lionheads. For small breeds, there are diapers made on request. These diapers are typically very thin and can be worn under bunny clothing without showing any signs.

Your bunny will get used to the diapers the more often you use them and should begin to walk around while wearing them like they would while not wearing diapers at all.

If your bunnies become too hot or wet, take their diapers off for a short time so they can cool down or feel dry again; depending on which issue is greater.

How to properly put on rabbit clothes?

You need to follow a few steps to put on rabbit clothes rightly.

  • Carry your rabbit in a comfortable position.
  • Pick a garment that is exclusively made for rabbits.
  • Give your rabbit ample time to understand that you are not going cause inconvenience.
  • Keep treats in the vicinity so your rabbit would cooperate in wearing clothes on.
  • Once you have put on clothes on your rabbit, keep a close eye on the behavior.

That’s it. But, there are a few precautions as soon as your rabbit wears clothes.

  • Don’t give her autonomy to move around.
  • Inspect her behavior and movement for sometime.
  • Don’t let her on clothes for over 5 minutes if it is the first time.
  • Don’t use heavy garments or other jewels to adorn further.


By now, you know that a rabbit can wear diapers and clothes but for an extremely limited time since these can burden them at some point. Remember to stay close and monitor every movement when your bunny is wearing a cloth or a diaper.

There are diapers made exclusively for rabbits and you should buy the right one so it does not cause burns or itches. If you are going to make a diaper for your rabbit at home, use only cotton clothes.

With all of these precautions in mind, you can now see your bunny take a cute look. You can’t deny that cute bump on the back because of the diaper!

Sowmya Sankaran
Sowmya Sankaran
Sowmya Sankaran is crazy about animals and birds! An avid rescuer and rehabilitator of animals and birds, she uses PETSMOND to share her experiences in raising different creatures and paying attention to intricate aspects of their health. Know more about me - https://petsmond.com/about/

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