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How To Make Cockatiel Lose Weight? (Easy Tips)


Weight management is an important area that every bird owner should be aware of. You should think of how to make cockatiel lose weight if you have an obese cockatiel as it can result in depression, stress, and many health issues. Even a few grams can make a significant difference in your bird’s behavior. Overeating, laziness, and lack of exercise are often the primary causes of obesity in cockatiels, but how can you reverse these common problems?

To make a cockatiel lose weight, follow these instructions:

  • Put their food on the opposite side of their water
  • Adjust their diet
  • Use bigger cages
  • Steer clear of fatty foods
  • Don’t give them too many treats
  • Visit the vet

Throughout this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about why your cockatiel is overweight and what you can do about it. We’ll also show you a handful of preventative tips to stop it from happening again. Enjoy!

Separate Their Food and Water

Cockatiels eat and drink throughout the day, but they’re much more likely to get into an unhealthy habit of snacking if their food is right next to their water. When they feel thirsty, they can finish their drink with a few bites of the neighboring food bowl. Long-term snacking can lead to obesity, fattening their liver and making them unhealthy.

According to Hartz, one of the best ways to handle this common issue is to keep their food and water at opposite sides of their enclosure. Rather than sneaking a couple of extra bites each time they drink, they’ll have to fly across the cage. This simple trick increases their movement and exercise while limiting the chances of overeating.

My neighbor’s cockatiel lost a few grams in a week by trying this tip.

If you want to take it a step further, you could place their food and water on different levels. The new setup will encourage them to move around the cage, too. However, it’s best to find a long-term home for their food and water once you find the perfect placement. Moving their bowls too often can make them feel confused.

Improve the Cockatiel’s Diet

Another excellent suggestion is to improve the foods your cockatiel eats. If they have good portion control and separate bowls for food and water, their diet could be the cause of their obesity. Not only does it impact their physical appearance, but it can also make them feel tired, sick, and overall unhealthy.

Much like all other animals, cockatiels need a healthy balance of protein, carbs, and fats. If they’re always eating fat-packed treats or they’re not getting enough protein, their health will deteriorate. The same issues can arise if they’re consuming too many carbohydrates without getting enough exercise.

If you’re looking for nutrient-dense food for your cockatiel, consider Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Cockatiel Food. It has all of the vitamins, minerals, and protein your bird needs to thrive and feel lively. It also improves the appearance of their feathers, promotes digestion, and increases their brain health.

Note. If you have other birds, make sure their diet charts are different based on this guide – what birds can be kept with cockatiels?

Try a Bigger Cage for Better Exercise

Cockatiels need plenty of exercises, most of which they get from flying around their cage. If they have a small enclosure, they won’t feel the need to move around too often. Their food and water will be close, all of the various levels won’t be too far out of reach, and they won’t have to spend much energy that could be burning calories.

Bird Cage states a cockatiel’s cage should be at least 20 x 20 x 24 inches. These dimensions provide a fun environment for them to exercise, but it also prevents them from feeling trapped. If they feel like they don’t have enough space, it could lead to depression, overeating, and obesity. Your cockatiel will benefit greatly from an increased cage size and more exercise.

Some bird owners let their cockatiels free-fly in an enclosed room. This is a great way to improve their exercise, but it’s important to bird-proof the room. Remove loose cables, cover the windows, and pull anything of value out of the room. Also, do your best to ensure there aren’t any tight spaces for them to get stuck.

Avoid Greasy or High-Fat Foods for Your Bird

It might be tempting to give potato chips and lots of nuts to your cockatiel, but these small treats can quickly pack on the pounds. Birds aren’t supposed to ingest the greasy foods found in our diet. They can cause serious heart problems and lead to excessive weight gain in a short period of time. It’s best to avoid them altogether if possible.

If you still want to give nuts to your cockatiel, it’s important to do so in moderation. Don’t give them these high-fat foods every day. While nuts are packed with protein and plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals, their high-fat content can lead to lower exercise, energy, and so on. It can also make their liver a bit too fat.

Limit Treat Times to 30 Minutes

Cockatiels can get a bit heavy on overeating if they’re free-fed treats all day long. For example, if you leave a bunch of treats in their cage, they’ll typically choose them over their regular food because they taste better. Over time, they won’t get the nutrition provided by their food, which makes them overweight and sluggish.

To avoid this issue, all you have to do is put the treats in the bird’s cage for half an hour each day. Try to stick to a designated time frame, so they know they won’t have all day to eat their treats.

Visit an Avian Veterinarian Regularly

Pet Place mentions there’s no substitute for bringing your bird to an avian vet. If you’re worried about their obesity or can’t seem to tackle the problem, a vet will provide much-needed advice. An avian vet specializes in birds, so they’ll be able to provide the best and most reliable solution.

Final thoughts

Keep in mind that getting your cockatiel to lose weight takes time. It isn’t an overnight process. Stick to the tips and tricks provided throughout this article to help your cockatiel get back to its healthy, lively condition. They’ll look, act, and feel much better in due time!

As you know the answer to how to make cockatiel lose weight, you can also apply the same techniques to other birds you are raising!

Sowmya Sankaran
Sowmya Sankaran
Sowmya Sankaran is crazy about animals and birds! An avid rescuer and rehabilitator of animals and birds, she uses PETSMOND to share her experiences in raising different creatures and paying attention to intricate aspects of their health. Know more about me - https://petsmond.com/about/

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