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9 Rabbit Breeds That Are Perfect for Outdoor Living


Welcome to the world of rabbit breeds perfect for outdoor living! Whether you’re a seasoned rabbit lover or new to the world of bunnies, this blog is your gateway to discovering the ideal breeds for outdoor environments.

Get ready to meet charming, resilient rabbits that thrive in the great outdoors and bring joy to your garden or backyard. Let’s hop into this exciting adventure together! 

Best Outdoor Rabbit Breeds

Breed NameHeat Tolerance LevelWinter Tolerance LevelIdeal TemperatureOutdoor-Friendly Qualities
Flemish GiantModerateHigh60°F to 70°FSize, Less Predator Susceptibility
New ZealandHighModerate60°F to 70°FClimate Adaptability, Sociable
CalifornianModerateHigh60°F to 70°FThick Fur, Interactive
AmericanModerateModerate60°F to 70°FSpace Enjoyment, Docile Nature
Silver FoxModerateHigh60°F to 70°FStand-up Fur, Playful
Belgian HareModerateModerate60°F to 70°FAthletic, Space Enjoyment
SatinModerateModerate60°F to 70°FGlossy Coat, Gentle Temperament
ChinchillaModerateModerate60°F to 70°FGood-Natured, Sociable
English LopModerateModerate60°F to 70°FLarge Body, Long Ears, Interactive

1. Flemish Giant

A Flemish giant posing on the carpet
Credits: Wikipedia

Imagine a gentle giant hopping around in your backyard – that’s the Flemish Giant for you. Renowned for their remarkable size, which can exceed 20 pounds, these rabbits are like the friendly giants of the rabbit world. Their coat comes in various colors, including black, blue, fawn, and sandy, offering a spectrum of beauty in your outdoor setting.

Despite their size, Flemish Giants are known for their calm and affectionate nature, making them excellent companions for families. They adore lounging around in spacious outdoor areas, and their size makes them less susceptible to predators, a significant advantage for outdoor living.

Their sociable nature means they enjoy interactions with humans, often seeking out affection and playtime, making them an ideal pet for families who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Watch this video to know more about them:

2. New Zealand

New Zealand rabbit in a cage

New Zealand rabbits, commonly seen in white but also available in black, red, and broken colors, are a versatile breed well-suited for outdoor life. They typically weigh between 9 to 12 pounds, a sturdy size that equips them well for the outdoors.

Originally bred for meat and fur, they have evolved into popular pets due to their friendly and easy-going nature. These rabbits are especially good with children, displaying a gentle and patient demeanor.

They thrive in outdoor environments where they can explore and exercise, and their sociable nature means they enjoy the company of both humans and fellow rabbits. Their adaptability to different climates also makes them a great choice for an outdoor rabbit.

3. Californian

Two Californian rabbits waiting for the food

The Californian rabbit, with its distinctive white body and dark points on the ears, nose, feet, and tail, is a striking presence in any garden. Typically weighing between 8 to 10.5 pounds, they are a medium-sized breed that is robust enough for outdoor living.

These rabbits are known for their calm and friendly disposition, making them ideal for families with children. They enjoy exploring outdoor spaces and are quite interactive with their human families, often seeking attention and affection.

Their thick fur provides some protection against the elements, but they still need a sheltered space outdoors to retreat to when necessary.

4. American

Owner showing love to an American rabbit

The American rabbit, a rare and historic breed, is known for its beautiful, elongated body and comes in two distinct colors: blue and white. Weighing between 9 to 12 pounds, they are well-sized for an outdoor environment. This breed is particularly known for its docile and sweet nature, making them excellent companions for both adults and children.

They relish the space and freedom that an outdoor setting provides and are known to be quite interactive with their human companions, enjoying petting and playtime. While they are sturdy and can adapt to outdoor living, they still require a safe and comfortable shelter to protect them from the elements and predators.

5. Silver Fox

A silver fox staring at you

The Silver Fox is not only unique in appearance, with its dense, silver-tipped fur, but it’s also one of the few rabbit breeds that display a ‘stand-up’ fur type, which returns to position when stroked backward. They are a larger breed, weighing between 9 to 12 pounds, and are known for their calm and affectionate temperament.

Their striking coat, available in black or blue, makes them a visually appealing addition to any outdoor space. These rabbits enjoy the space an outdoor environment offers and are known to be very friendly and approachable, often seeking human interaction. They are good with children and can be quite playful, making them wonderful family pets.

Here’s a range of rabbit breeds ideal for kids:

6. Belgian Hare

Belgian Hare in the cage
Credits: Wikipedia

The Belgian Hare is not a true hare but a rabbit that has been bred to resemble a hare, with its long, powerful legs and a slender build. They are known for their rich, russet-red color and elegant appearance.

Weighing between 6 to 9 pounds, they are a more athletic breed, thriving in spaces where they can hop and run freely. Despite their lively nature, they are also known for being friendly and intelligent, often forming strong bonds with their human companions. They are well-suited to outdoor living, provided they have plenty of space to exercise and a safe shelter.

Their interactive and playful nature makes them great companions for families who enjoy outdoor activities.

7. Satin

The Satin rabbit is unique for its glossy coat, which comes as a result of a genetic mutation that gives their fur a satin-like sheen. They come in various colors, including black, blue, chocolate, and red.

Weighing between 8.5 to 11 pounds, they are a medium-sized breed ideal for the outdoors. Satins are known for their calm and gentle temperament, making them suitable for families with children. They enjoy exploring and are quite interactive with humans, often showing affection and curiosity towards their owners.

Their distinctive coat requires regular grooming, especially when living outdoors, to maintain its shine and prevent matting.

8. Chinchilla (Standard Chinchilla variety)

Giant Chinchilla rabbit ready to hop
Credits: Wikipedia

The Standard Chinchilla rabbit, known for its unique chinchilla-like fur, is a medium-sized breed, typically weighing between 5 to 7.5 pounds. They have a beautiful agouti coloration that resembles the wild chinchilla.

These rabbits are known for their good-natured and friendly personality, making them ideal pets for first-time owners. They enjoy outdoor environments, as it provides them with the opportunity to explore and exercise. Their sociable nature means they get along well with both humans and other rabbits, making them a great addition to a family setting.

9. English Lop

A English lop about to walk
Credits: Wikipedia

The English Lop is easily recognizable by its extraordinarily long ears and large, mandolin-shaped body. These rabbits come in a variety of colors and can weigh between 9 to 11 pounds. They are known for their friendly and laid-back personality, often described as dog-like in their affection towards humans.

They enjoy outdoor spaces, as it gives them room to move and exhibit natural behaviors. Their long ears, however, do require special care to prevent injuries and keep them clean. English Lops are great with families and can be quite interactive, often enjoying petting and playtime with their human companions.

Heat Tolerance in Rabbits

Heat tolerance in rabbits is a crucial aspect of their care, especially if you’re new to rabbit keeping. A journal article published by the National Institutes of Health stresses that heat can take a toll on the immune system of rabbits. As you venture into the world of these adorable creatures, understanding how to manage their comfort in varying temperatures is vital for their well-being as mentioned by Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund.

Primarily, you should know that rabbits are more tolerant to cold than to heat. Their thick fur, designed for insulation, makes them susceptible to overheating. As a rabbit owner, it’s essential to ensure that your bunny stays cool, especially during the summer or in hot climates.

Here are some practical tips to help you manage your rabbit’s heat tolerance:

  1. Provide a Cool Environment: Keep your rabbit’s living area away from direct sunlight. If they are outdoors, ensure ample shade and ventilation. Indoors, use fans or air conditioning to maintain a cool environment, according to NI Direct. The ideal temperature for rabbits is between 60°F to 70°F (15°C to 21°C).
  2. Offer Plenty of Water: Hydration is key. Always have fresh, cool water available. You might even add ice cubes to the water on particularly hot days to keep it cool longer.
  3. Use Cooling Accessories: Consider using cooling mats or tiles where your rabbit can lie down. You can also freeze water bottles and wrap them in a towel for your rabbit to lean against.
  4. Monitor for Heatstroke: Be vigilant for signs of heatstroke, which include panting, lethargy, drooling, or convulsions. If you notice any of these signs, it’s crucial to cool your rabbit down gradually and consult a vet immediately.
  5. Groom Regularly: Regular grooming helps remove excess fur, making it easier for your rabbit to stay cool. Pay extra attention during shedding seasons.
  6. Limit Exercise During Hot Hours: Avoid vigorous play or exercise during the hottest parts of the day. Early morning or late evening when it’s cooler are better times for physical activity.
  7. Diet Considerations: Fresh vegetables can provide additional hydration. However, ensure these are introduced gradually and are suitable for rabbits.

Remember, each rabbit is unique and may have different tolerance levels to heat. Always observe your rabbit’s behavior and make adjustments as needed to ensure their comfort and health.

Final Thoughts

Your backyard could become a haven for one of these charming creatures. Imagine the robust Flemish Giant hopping around your garden or the resilient New Zealand White becoming a part of your daily outdoor routine. Each breed brings its own blend of joy and vitality to the outdoors.

So, why wait? Choose your fluffy companion, create a bunny-friendly outdoor space, and get ready for some delightful, hop-filled adventures. Embrace the joy of outdoor rabbit-keeping and let the fun begin! 

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