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Why Is My Budgie Standing On Other Budgie? (How To Stop!)


As a budgie owner, it is essential to read through their behaviors to find out their moods. One common event is – why is my budgie standing on other budgie? While this is a rare encounter, it is an important attitude of your budgie that you should take into consideration. Perhaps, they can exhibit weird behaviors that symbolize their temperament, needs, and health conditions.

In this article, I shall give you a list of surprising reasons answering why one budgie stands over the other.

Why is my budgie standing on other budgie?

A budgie stands on the other budgie for three common reasons – a small cage, mating time, and rivalry between budgies. Knowing their genders is important to determine the exact reason causing this behavior.

Small cage

The average size of a cage for one budgie is 12x18x18 inches and 24x22x29 inches for 4 budgies. This does not mean that the budgie’s flying space is within the cage. The rule of thumb is to give them at least triple the size of the cage to fly and if you are looking at taming them, you need an open space.

If you are wondering why is my budgie standing on other budgie, the major reason is a cramped cage where they do not have enough space to stand or sit. This is a serious issue since it can take a toll on their physical and mental health conditions as well.

Raising budgies for several years now, I strongly feel that it is better to avoid raising them in a cramped space. Have enough room for them? Begin with one and then add new ones but let the space get bigger and better as number of budgies increases.

Mating period

If you are having two budgies of opposite genders, this action can also symbolize the mating time. In some cases, the male might constantly pull the female for mating and become even demanding. It so happens with the bird having a blue nose that is a male trying to mate with a female (brown nose).

If you are a breeder wanting to breed your budgies, this behavior is a sign of the mating time. Alternatively, if you are not wanting offspring for your budgie, it is better to separate male and female budgies immediately.

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Some budgies tend to stamp on the other as a symbol of dominance. This is the start of a rivalry that is likely to happen over time. Controlling rivalry is way too important because it can hamper the space significantly.

Note. Not all budgies are fighters! Some budgies simply stand on the other to invite him for a playful fight. This happens among siblings that have been raised together.

Raising a budgie needs extreme caution and you may have to pay attention to tiny behavioral changes and actions.

Why are budgies pecking each other’s beaks?

Pecking each other’s beaks is a symbol of creating bonds and kissing each other as they turn into good friends. Allow them to peck as they enjoy and build their bonds further.

why are budgies pecking each other beaks

Budgie preening is common especially if they are newly introduced to the cage. They preen other’s faces and also do a budgie kiss with beaks which can look extremely adorable.

While consenting to the bond is the common reason for budgies to peck beaks of the other, it is also essential to ensure that other budgies in the same cage do not feel aggressive.

Note. If you hear any sound as they peck other’s beaks, it can be an angry move thereby landing at an attack. Remember to take action in that case as your intervention matters.

Why is my budgie biting other budgie tail?

The common reason for budgie biting other budgie’s tail is possessiveness. Make a note of intensity, frequency, size of the cage, food, stress level, and health before you confirm it to be possessiveness or attack.

Some budgies are extremely possessive about their space that they tend to bite others’ tails simply to catch hold of their spaces and toys. If it happens frequently and the intensity increases, it is time to separate the two.

Some budgies that are stressed out because of lack of space inside the cage or absence of human interaction or other health complications tend to show aggression over the other budgie. The aggressive behavior is common during mating season as well.

In this case, it is highly recommended to make note of this behavior and then take him/her to a vet.

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Why does my budgie face the wall?

A budgie facing the wall implies that he is either bored or depressed or feels independent.

One of my budgies has always played this game of facing the wall whenever I call his name. One fine day when I took him to a vet to enquire about this attitude, I was said that he is feeling independent in his territory.

If it is a temporary behavior, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. However, if your budgie faces the wall most times, it is an indicator that he is either bored or depressed.

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Here are a few things you can do to gain his attention and keep him healthy.

  • Engage him with toys.
  • Interact more frequently.
  • Give him an even comforting space.
  • Allow other budgies to interact with him if they already share acquaintances.

The goal here is to make him feel secure and comfortable in his space with his human friend.

Final thoughts

Budgies are friendly but demand regular attention on their behaviors since they are indicators of their happiness levels and health conditions.

When your budgie is standing on other budgie or pecking other’s beak or biting other’s tail or facing the wall, there’s a strong reason behind it. As you gain understanding on it, you become a better budgie parent.

Sowmya Sankaran
Sowmya Sankaran
Sowmya Sankaran is crazy about animals and birds! An avid rescuer and rehabilitator of animals and birds, she uses PETSMOND to share her experiences in raising different creatures and paying attention to intricate aspects of their health. Know more about me - https://petsmond.com/about/

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